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Our ultimate goal is to create health and happiness in society and make it a better place to live with our 'Panchakarma therapy. The experience of 'Panchakarma' at AyushTree is one of unfolding awareness and self-healing that supports people in all aspects of life. Ayushtree is located on the lap of Himalyas in Rishikesh, Uttrakhand (india).
Ayushtree runs along the banks of river 'Ganges', a town with natural beauty of nature, Rishikesh, Uttrakhand. We decided to build our centre in this peaceful and relaxed Devine city because we believe that nature plays a vital role in healing. The effect of our therapy is multiplied amids of greenery, pure water and fresh air. When a person truly admires and feels the purity of his surroundings, his mind & body heals quicker.
Our aim is not just to provide the treatment but also to guide our valuable clients the entire delightful journey of healing and happiness. We try to welcome our clients with warm-hearted experiences and help them rejuvenate all the five senses so that they leave with ultimate healing & memorable experience.

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