100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

Yoga has the power to take an individual to another level by gaining complete calmness of mind and body. It helps to transform a human brain and mind by refining and cleansing it completely from the toxic elements deposited from the time we are born. India is a land of yoga and yogis. Nature has bestowed Rishikesh the gift of picturesque beauty. Performing yoga in such a serene land under the finest gurus is the only essence which has attracted millions all over the world to learn yoga in order to enrich their soul and body.
In this journey you will come across varied people from different stratus of the society aiming for a single goal –mental and physical harmony. This 100 hour yoga teacher training is imparted by various schools and centres located in Rishikesh. This training enables one individual to live a beautiful life forgetting all woos and worries related to our body and mind.
. The 100 hours yoga teacher training session could be for 10/12/15 day's programme with comprehensive knowledge about the progressive versions of primitive yoga practices. The 100 hour section is composed of Astanga and Hatha yoga. In this 100 hours training students will become aware true value of yoga for physical and emotional upliftment. Different positions and poses related to yoga accompanied with pranayama will be taught during this session as well.
The entire programme is designed keeping the primitive yoga teachings in mind. This programme can be opted by any age group. Complete clarity is maintained while providing the training so that the individuals can earn maximum benefits from it. Students undertaking this 100 days programme will get to know yoga not only through scripts but also by practically practising it regularly. This will enable his understanding process both mentally as well as physically. This 100 days training programme will be awarded with a certificate. In this entire training process other than learning varied yogic postures and meditation you will also be trained to impart your acquired knowledge to others with complete confidence.
In the entire course you will get acquainted with two different forms of yoga- Aerial and Yin. You will get aware of the entertaining and curative influence of these two forms in our daily life. This course is framed in such a way in order to demonstrate the benefits of yoga an individual can acquire if practised regularly with sincerity and complete dedication.
Aeriel yoga has multiple benefits other than the ever-lasting soothing effect it creates in our body and mind after performing it. Aerial yoga is mainly composed headstand, prolonged back bends, postures related to hand balancing etc. This yogic form works amazingly against any form of back aches, frozen shoulders and so on. It has a power to enhance strength of muscles and bones and thus slackens the progression of age.
Yin yoga helps us to build concentration. Constant practice of this yoga uplifts your inner soul with complete calmness without being anxious of the trauma and tensions created by the outer world. Yin yoga is done lying still in a mat and thus teaches us to stay calm in every situations of life. This training helps you to grow as a teacher and also will enable you to create calmness in your class. .

Other than this the 100 hour Yoga teacher training will include

  • varied techniques of yoga
  • Philosophy of yoga
  • Ways of teaching yoga
  • Composition and structure
  • Values and Way of living
  • Workshop

Yoga has the sole power to irradiate all evil thoughts deeply rooted in our system. Learning to be a yoga teacher will not only enhance your self- confidence but at the same time you can inculcate the true values of regular practise of yoga to others and thus contributing to make the world a better place with refined individuals. Learning and teaching yoga can be one of the finest career options too. In order to be an expert in this field you need to opt for this 100 hour yoga teacher training programme.