You can get arthritis treated with ayurveda

Arthritis is one of the most common problems that people above the age of 65 years face today. This is a condition where there is an inflammation in the joints. There can be weather just one or many joint that is affected. There are as many as hundred different types of arthritis and both the causes as well as the treatment for all of them is certainly different. In most cases, it takes time for the arthritis symptoms to develop. However, in some rare cases, this may also develop suddenly. Arthritis is more common in women then men. People who are overweight have higher chances of developing it.

Ayurvedic Therapies for Arthritis Problems

  • 1 Abhyanga (according to diseases)
  • 2 sarvangdhara or ekangdhara
  • 3 swedanam (potli- sand,rock salt, ayurvedic churna etc.
  • 4 medicated herbal steam
  • 5 Asthapan basti (medicated enema))
  • 6 virechan kriya
  • 7 shashtika shali pinda

Daily Sheadule

  • 6:45am Shat-Kirya (cleaning kriyas)
  • 7:15am hatha yoga asana class
  • 8:30am Alpahar(breakfast)
  • 10:00am Therapy session
  • 12:30pm lunch
  • Afternoon
  • 3:00pm Therapy session
  • 4:30pm refreshment (tea,lemon water,herbal tea etc.)
  • 5:30pm meditation/Asana class
  • 7:00pm Dinner time

Know about the symptoms of arthritis

Swelling, stiffness and joint pain are the most common arthritis symptoms. When this occurs, your movements are decreased and there can also be times when there is some sort of redness developed around the affected area. There are also some people who experience these symptoms mostly in the morning.

Ayurveda makes use of Nirgundi to treat arthritis

Nirgundi is a herb that helps in providing some sort of respite to the joints. It reduces the swellings in the joints and also reduces excessive pain. This herb has antioxidant, anti-convulsing and anti-inflammatory properties that will help the joints in a number of ways. The leaves of this particular plant has medicinal properties. This plant has a very bitter taste. You can make a paste of it and apply it on the affected area. It will certainly help in reducing the pain that is caused due to arthritis.

Eucalyptus oil and ginger also helps in treating arthritis

One of the most common treatment of arthritis is eucalyptus oil. The leaves of the eucalyptus plant has tannins and this helps in reducing the pain as well as the swelling that is caused due to arthritis. There is also a good aroma in the oil of this particular plant that has a calming effect on the brains. Ginger has certain antiseptic properties and that helos reducing the swelling and the joint pain. It helps by increasing the circulation of the blood. This brings healing as well as heat in the affected areas. You can apply ginger paste on the affected area or if you want you can also drink ginger tea. These ayurvedic treatments certainly help a lot in reducing arthritis:. Patarpind swedan Sarvang dhara, Jambirapind swedan, Patarsnehan and Januvasti