Some ways of treating Migraine

There are certain things that can be extremely annoying and a continuous pain is one of them. It has been observed that the headaches are often underestimated and are also under recognized. But this is one of the most common disorders that occures in the nervous system. Headaches at times can be immensely painful and might also be disabling you. Migraine normally starts at puberty and people aged between 35 years and 45 years suffer from it the most. This mainly occurs due to certain hormonal issues in women.

Know the symptoms of migraine

  • Light headedness.
  • Nausea.
  • Blurred vision
  • Pulsating and recurrent pain
  • Light sensitivity
  • Pulsating headache, often on one side
  • Symptoms may last for 2-3 days

Daily Sheadule

  • 6:45am Shat-Kirya (cleaning kriyas)
  • 7:15am hatha yoga asana class
  • 8:30am Alpahar(breakfast)
  • 10:00am Therapy session
  • 12:30pm lunch
  • Afternoon
  • 3:00pm Therapy session
  • 4:30pm refreshment (tea,lemon water,herbal tea etc.)
  • 5:30pm meditation/Asana class
  • 7:00pm Dinner time

Ayurvedic therapies for migraine

  • 1 lepam (herbal past apply on forehead)
  • 2 Shirodhara (with Luke warm oil not hot)for vata
  • 3 ksheerdhara when pitta is heigh
  • 4 shiropichu( vata pitta prakriti)
  • 5 sneha nasya
  • 6 takradhara

How does Shirodhara Massage help in treating migraine?

This is mostly used to treat patients suffering from migraine. This is basically a classic ayurvedic therapy. Here a herbal oil is warmed and poured on your forehead continuously. This therapy reduces stress and also helps you to get sound sleep. This is one of the external treatments of ayurveda. The word shirodhara comes from "shira" that means head and "dhara" which means stream

The entire procedure of this particular massage

Firstly a pot with a hole is taken and a yarn wick is fitted on to it. The pot would then be hung just above the forehead of the patient who is to be treated. He or she has to lie down on the treatment table. The medicated oil will then be poured into the pot and from there it will be trickled on to the patient's forehead. There would be a band or a rolled towel placed on the forehead to ensure that the oil does not drip into the patient's eyes. The total duration of the treatment would be 45 minutes. It will help in calming the nerves and thereby restore it. It will help in purifying your mind and then release the emotions that are stored in you. It can also help in removing the fatigue and anxiety, chronic headaches and insomnia. It can also help to treat nervousness in an individual.

Here are some precautionary measures that you will have to take

Shirodhara is safe, however, it is important to take steps to ensure that the oil does not drip into the eyes or into the nose. It is therefore advisable to go to an ayurvedic clinic and ensure that this procedure is done by some of the best therapists. It is important for you to get this done from well trained therapists who also have proper experience.If you want, you can get in touch with a good ayurvedic clinic and book an appointment for consultation.