200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

Rishikesh is acclaimed as world famous destination for Yoga. This small yoga capital town has innumerable centres where yoga activities are offered. It is a perfect place for any individual to seek knowledge and harmony in the lap of perpetual Ganga river evolving out from Himalayan foothills Transformation of an individual is naturally certain because of the natural ambience out here.
Currently Rishikesh has developed as the most preferred option among the Yoga specialists throughout the world to gain their certification as yoga teacher. The ever enticing vigour of the town makes it the ultimate choice of any yoga training seeker as it induces a homely feeling within even when someone visits it for the first time.The world famous Rock band Beatles introduced the charm and divinity of Rishikesh for the first time in 60's to the western countries. They explored their inner self and learnt meditations while their stay in Rishikesh. Even many of their famous songs were composed by them during that time.
The yoga classes are taken by well- refined proficient yogis that leave no suspicions on their lessons delivered to their students. These students becomes so well trained that could move ahead and impart training to others seeking for mental and physical refinement. After the completion of the course the students are provided with an opportunity to explain their fellow students about the teachings which encourages their transparency and self-assurance in their training. All this is conducted before a trained instructor or teacher.

The 200 hour Yoga Teacher training includes the following

Yoga Functioning and Composition
Study the work of different body parts and execute this learning for benign and real training and coaching.
Learning the Asanas or postures
Here the students have to practice deep postures or asanas.
Yoga Darshan
Yoga Darshan comes from Sanskrit which means supervising students about philosophy of life with the aid of primitive yoga scripts in order to teach them the need of yoga to live a more lively and enriched life.
Mantra and Meditation
Mantras are the sound tremors that infiltrate every part of our existence and permit our mind to stay calm. Meditation provides deep rest from within. Meditation helps a person to develop a stress-free mind. Proper meditation can provide the deepest sleep to an individual. Meditation can only happen when the mind is composed and quiet.
Effects of Pranayam
The prana has the power to generate a sensation around an individual. If the prana attains highest level by being spontaneous, charming and stable then the mind becomes tranquil, optimistic and energetic.
Study of Ayurveda
Ayurveda deals with ancient science of body and soul. Following Ayurveda in its real form can encourage a healthy body and mind free from any toxins than can endanger one's healthy existence.

200 hour Yoga TeacherTeaching is conducted through the following ways:

  • Demonstrationsm
  • Instruction
  • Alignment
  • Meditation and group discussions

Students are assessed based on practical examination, written test, attendance, presentation and conduct
Yoga is considered as a gift to entire human society and its proper training is a remedy to the anxiety and misery with which human world suffers. Yoga is science of healthy living. It not only boosts the confidence level of an individual but acts as a protective shield against any mental and physical ailment if practised properly. Yoga came from ancient India and in order to spread this message of Yoga our small town Rishikesh is doing wonders by spreading the true essence of yoga and its impact to the western world. The anatomy and psychology, asanas, meditation, mantra chanting followed by the different Yoga training schools in Rishikesh paves the way to develop empathy and calmness from in