Ayurvedic Treatment helps treat your skin problems

There are a number of skin diseases that are affecting people these days. This is true for There are a number of skin diseases that are affecting people these days. This is true for everybody, from new born babies to elderly people. These diseases can actually be extremely harmful in various number of ways. In order to maintain a healthy skin, it is also very essential to maintain a healthy body. There are certain serious skin diseases and these include herpes, cellulitis and cancer. There are some wild plants and certain parts that you can use to treat skin diseases. People have been using plants to treat skin related issues for centuries.These treatments are natural and inexpensive. They are also quite safe and do not have any harmful effects on the human beings. The skin is the main protection for the body. It saves the skin from all the pathogens as well as the toxins around them. There are certain skin diseases like swelling, temporary blisters etc. that are caused due to certain physical changes. On the other hand there are some other skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema etc. that are caused due to the presence of toxins in the body. These toxins are mainly generated due to the imbalances created in the liver, lungs and the blood..

Ayurvedic therapies for skin care

  • 1 vaman
  • 2 virechan
  • 3 sarvang lepam
  • 4 jambeera pinda
  • 5 navrakizhi
  • 6 medicated steam

Daily Sheadule

  • 6:45am Shat-Kirya (cleaning kriyas)
  • 7:15am hatha yoga asana class
  • 8:30am Alpahar(breakfast)
  • 10:00am Therapy session
  • 12:30pm lunch
  • Afternoon
  • 3:00pm Therapy session
  • 4:30pm refreshment (tea,lemon water,herbal tea etc.)
  • 5:30pm meditation/Asana class
  • 7:00pm Dinner time

Ayurveda treats skin diseases in the most efficient way

According to ayurveda, there are certain toxins in the skin and these toxins arise due to rakta dhatu or blood tissues. These together with plasma or rasa dhatu helps by nourishing the skin. When you eat food that is too spicy or consume alcohol then the rakta dhatu loses its balance in the body. This also happens when there are certain negative emotions in the body. When there is a shortage of anything in the body or when there is pitta dosha then these kind of things happen. There are certain individuals who are dominated by pitta and these individual tend to suffer from skin diseases more than individuals who are dominated by kaphas or vatas. The reason for this is that pitta normally has a tendency to over heat the blood. On the other hand if the rakta dhatus and rasa is well balanced then the skin is moist, smooth and is glowing. The pitta skin in most cases becomes red and freckled. It also tends to be affected by heat. The kapha skin on the other hand is oily and is extremely prone to both white heads and black heads. The Vata skin is normally quite dry and people who have this sort of skin tend to experience a premature sign of ageing. Through these ayurvedic remedies the skin is cleansed both inside and outside.

How does ayurveda help in treating the skin diseases?

Most of the conditions of the skin have a pittic origin and mostly characterized by certain imbalances in the doshas. It is therefore very important to ensure that all the remedies for the skin should be able to counter the dominant traits of the predominant doshas. Since due to the pitta, skin tends to get red infected and swelled it is essential to apply cooling tropicals that include aloe gel and coconut oil. Vata skin has a tendency to become too dry, itchy and also scaly. In order to pacify such skin conditions, it is a good idea to choose an oil that nourishes your skin and also has a warming effect. This nourishing oil should be a wonderful blend of sesame and avocado oil that includes brahmi, comfrey and also ashwagandha oil. People who have a tendency to have kapha skin conditions tend to show up certain weepy and also oozing rashes. It is a good idea to avoid using oily tropicals. In order to treat these skin diseases, it will also be good if you can contact any reputed ayrveda clinic. They will treat these skin conditions using Pizhichil, Takardhara, Abhyanga, Najavrakizhi and Herbal pasting