Relieve your stress with the best ayurvedic treatment

TThere are a number of harmful situations that you might come across in your life. Stress is basically a way to deal with those harmful situations. These situations might either be real or they may be perceived. In case you feel threatened, there is a possibility of a chemical reaction occurring. This is called stress response. During this time, the heart rate tends to increase, the breathing quickens and also the muscles start tightening. There are also times when the blood pressure tends to rise. This means that you are ready to act and deal with the stress.

Daily Sheadule

  • 6:45am Shat-Kirya (cleaning kriyas)
  • 7:15am hatha yoga asana class
  • 8:30am Alpahar(breakfast)
  • 10:00am Therapy session
  • 12:30pm lunch
  • Afternoon
  • 3:00pm Therapy session
  • 4:30pm refreshment (tea,lemon water,herbal tea etc.)
  • 5:30pm meditation/Asana class
  • 7:00pm Dinner time

What happens to the human body when it tries to deal with stressful situations?

When a human body experiences stress, a lot of hormones are released including the adrenaline hormone. When stress is at its initial stage, it can cause certain effects like lump in the throat, palpitations, distress and anxiety. But when the stress remains uncontrolled for a longer period of time, then it might have a very harmful effect on your body. These symptoms can be physical, psychological, mental or even emotional. Some of the effects of stress include muscular tension, sleep disorders, irritability, agitation, depression and digestive disorders. There are also certain stress related chronic diseases and these include cancer, heart diseases and vascular diseases. If stress is not properly managed it can cause problems but if you are able to manage it then there are also certain positive sides to it. The important thing is to ensure that you are able to properly control and manage stress

How does stress affect the reproductive system??

Too much stress can lead to a total shut down of the reproductive system. This is applicable for both males and females. It leads to issues related to both ovulation as well as impotence. It can also stop the insulin production and this might lead to development of diabetes

When should you seek help?

If you believe that you have already taken the necessary measures to control stress but the symptoms still continue then it is a good idea to visit a doctor. In fact you can opt for an ayurvedic treatment. Takardhara, Shirobhyanga, Shiropichu, Nasyam, Netra tarpan are some of the ayurvedic treatments for stress. You will have to let the ayurvedic practitioner know about the causes of your stress and then based on it you can take the necessary measure. In case you experience chest pain, back or jaw pain, shortness of breath etc. you should urgently get in touch with a doctor. Ayurvedic treatments are the best because they are able to cure the disease in the most natural way possible. We live in a society where there is too much stress. It is therefore very important that you take proper measures to control it. If you are not able to do so then it might lead to health issues at a later stage. Stress at the initial level is normal but do visit a doctor before it gets too late.